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My Story with Yucky Bed Bugs!

7 Ways to know if you have Bed Bugs

Are you being Hunted by Bed Bugs? Here’s how I found out I was…. Do you remember that saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite?” I remember my mom saying that to me when I was a kid and then saying the same thing to my kids at bedtime. In my wildest dreams, I NEVER […]

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Types and Dangers of Bed Bugs

Are they Dangerous? That’s what I wanted to know, too… I’m with you. A bed bug is a bed bug and they are all gross! However, it may be interesting to know if you have one that likes to feast on you or would rather feast on bats (even though they will settle for your […]

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Where do Bed Bugs come from?

How did they get into YOUR house? Here’s how they got into mine… How did these nasty bugs get into my house? Was it my fault? Did I somehow bring these things into my home to literally eat off of my kids at night? Did I not clean my house enough or use the right […]

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally, Organically, and Chemically

Here’s how I did it….. In my last post, we discussed where bed bugs come from and how they could get into your home. Once they are in, you have to take action or they will multiply. You know what they look like, how to find them, how they got in, and now it is […]

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Preventing Bed Bugs from Invading your Home

These are things I wish I had known….. In my last post, we discussed how to get rid of bed bugs. In this post, we are going to discuss ways to prevent them from ever invading your home again. If I had only known just a few of these tips, my family would likely have […]

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About Me

Hi! My name is Amanda and I created this blog based on my experience with bed bugs (gross). I hope you never ever have to go through what I did but if you do, I hope the information I wrote will help you out. If you wish to comment on your own experience, please do so below the posts.


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