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My Story with Yucky Bed Bugs!

Where do Bed Bugs come from?

How did they get into YOUR house? Here’s how they got into mine…

How did these nasty bugs get into my house? Was it my fault? Did I somehow bring these things into my home to literally eat off of my kids at night? Did I not clean my house enough or use the right bug sprays before being invaded? These are likely the same types of questions running through your head about now.

In my last post, we talked about the different types and possible health effects of bed bug bites. This time, I will be helping you figure out just how those disgusting bugs made it into your home.

Whose Fault is it?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how these bugs got into your home, it is NOT your fault. Even if you are the one that physically brought one of the blood suckers in, it is still NOT your fault. You did not create the bed bug. You had to have picked it up from somewhere.

So, in my eyes, where you picked it up is the one at fault, if you have to place blame. And yes, it does feel better to place the blame somewhere else. However, when placing the blame, please remember that they were likely in your shoes wondering whose fault it was that caused their establishment to become invaded!

My Story….

Thankfully, for my own peace of mind, it wasn’t me who actually brought them into my home. It turns out my daughter was the one who unknowingly became the transportation for our invaders. A little less than two weeks before we noticed the bites, my daughter went on a trip with her cousins.

They went to a very nice hotel and had a blast while they were there. I guess they were not the only ones having a blast. The bed bugs were also having fun making their way into my daughter’s bags. I still can’t believe it.

Where do Bed Bugs come from?

There are many sources for bed bug infestations. The most common sources include infested furniture in hotels, motels, or other public places. They have even been known to be in movie theatres! They are carried around in the luggage of those who travel or stay in temporary accommodations.

Bed bugs have also been known to create an infestation with the exchange of used furniture or garments between people. Once they find their way into your home, they spread throughout it. They can even infest an entire apartment complex!

In fact, I remember a story just recently where bed bugs invaded a homeless shelter. It was such a sad story because the homeless literally had nowhere to go, and I remember it took longer than they expected to get the bed bugs out. The other local shelters took in who they could but there just wasn’t room for everyone. This story broke my heart.

Basically, bed bugs can come from anywhere where they are infested currently. They are highly skilled stowaways. They will hide in luggage, furniture, clothing, boxes, pillows, and any single place they can hide in to get from one place to the next.

Don’t think you are safe if you are moving into an empty, clean apartment. These sneaky insects can go for months without food, just waiting for you to move in. They could also be getting their “food” from other apartment dwellers while they wait because they can travel between adjoining apartments through pipe and wire holes.

Next Post

Now that you know where they came from, the next obvious question is, “How do I get rid of these blood suckers?” I will target this is my next post, as well as share with you what finally eliminated by bed bug infestation. Learn how to get rid of them chemically, naturally, and organically.

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17 Responses to “Where do Bed Bugs come from?”

  • louis willard says:

    I have seen five bed bugs in my home,do you think there are many more?

    • admin says:

      I would say there is a very good chance. Read through our site to learn how to look for and treat bedbugs. Good luck!!

  • Yvonne says:

    OMG my boyfriend has to travel a lot do to his job and when I hugged him when he came back home he had one of those creatures biting on his neck! We checked the luggage and washed all his clothes in hot water and disinfected his luggage. Didn’t find anything? How can I know if he brought more in the house? I only found the one on his neck and killed it immediately? I am worried sick about this. Can you help me? Thanks.

  • Necie says:

    I found five bed bugs in my bed and I a afraid!!! What do I do?

  • pamela says:

    My mother just found her bed totally infested while changing the sheets. This is a very clean woman. She’s freaking out. Does this mean the whole place has it?

  • Archi says:

    I just found one in my shirt but my bedroom/mattress is clean. What do I do?

  • kayla says:

    I tried to tell my cousin that they have bed bugs but they don’t believe me. I think their embarrassed about it but I’ve got bit a lot all over!

  • joy says:

    we are living with someone and she stated that we brought the bed bugs in. However we were stAYING THEre for 3 weeks before i got bites all over my arm…. we find one every night crawling on the wall. will they hide in the WALLS? Im scared for children.. i do not want them to get bitten…. its a temporary stay until I get on my feet. Its a very clean home just have no idea where they hide we sprayed everywhere and havent found anymore but every night there is one crawling on the wall by the curtains…. havent got bitten since we flipped the bed and found 3 and found dead ones under the headboard. I really need to move, but havent found employment yet… i need prayer!!!

  • kierston says:

    ok ive had bites all over me for the past week i have two houses i have no idea which house its at i dont see any signs of them at one and i dont know how to get rid of them. ive counted over 100 bites and the number is growing HELP!!!!

    • Clayla john says:

      Hi. Check ur mattress. If u see lots of black spots that’s where they live. When u turn off ur light at nights and u fall asleep, they come out. They feast on ur bare skin. Ur neck, arms, alone ur waist line and ur feet. My grandkids were eaten, and not me. I don’t eat food that will make me sweet. I told my grand kids to put perfume lotion on before they go to bed. That way blood critters don’t smell blood. I spray alcohol around there mattress. So far I don’t see bb bits.

  • laurel says:

    I just found out that two apartments above me have/ had bed bugs and the landlord just bombed one of the places. I noticed getting bit two months ago. When I asked my landlord she denied anyone else having this issue. Being annoyed of waking up with itchy bits I asked my neighbours in my building n found out ppl were moving out bc they found bed bugs too! Now I’m stressed out bc I hear they are Not easy to get rid of. I can do everything I can and heard they can come back as long as the other apartments in my building don’t eliminate them too! Lol I found one n put tape over it and seals it up so I can give it to my land lord or if I have to then go to code of health! I’m so tired of these blood sucking bugs! Help!?

  • bobby says:

    Hi , i went to school this morning as per normal everything was fine until i got to class i suddenly had an itch on my arm suddenly it started spreading as i kept scratching some area on my arm started to swell up , as i was on my way home i noticed this little bug on my bag it was brown in colour and round in shape i killed it , now im wondering if the bed bug came from my home or from school

  • Clayla john says:

    I think salt lake is infested with bed bugs. It was once on the news. one of the university library and the same university living area had bed bugs. Technically it was past around, and now I have bed bugs. We collect them in a jar, vaccuum the egg. I check my mattress twice a week. Vaccuum over and over every day.
    How I got those critters? I got some free clothes from a church on state street on 7200 S. We got kitchen trash bad full of clothes. Not knowing we were bringing back bbs. The are disgusting, die hard, critters.

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